Septic Installs Kent


Septic system installation in a Kent, WA property that is not connected to a city sewer system is an important project. The diligence, expertise, and accuracy that go into a septic installs have a significant impact on the comfort, convenience, and wellbeing of the people living orworking on the property.

Call HSCC1 & Services Inc. for a septic system install in your home or business premises and rest assured of smooth, hassle-free disposal of daily waste from your building. We work with a steadfast commitment to quality that has made us the leading source of septic installs services in the Kent area. We take care of a septic system install job from start to finish.

Our company can handle all septic system installation jobs, big and small. Contact us right away to discuss your septic installs needs. We will customize the septic system design per your:

  • Property size and layout
  • The average quantity of water consumption
  • Budget

Septic System Installation Kent


We send in technicians with extensive industry experience and knowledge to determine the right location and optimum size for your septic system. They work closely with you to make sure that the right decisions are made about your septic system installation job in the Kent area.

While carrying out the septic installs on your property, our focus is on providing a system that:

  • Meets your waste disposal needs
  • Does not fail
  • Is easy to maintain
  • Has a long lifespan

Our technicians guide you in choosing top-grade products for the septic system install. They plan the septic system installation considering essential factors like the slope of the yard, lot configuration, and drainage system layout. Our experts do septic systems installation in such a way that routine tank pumping in the years to come will be a trouble-free event.

Septic System Install Kent


While giving attention to details during a septic system install to ensure problem-free future performance, we are careful that there is no complication even during the septic installs process.

We locate underground utilities correctly to avoid their accidental damage from excavation for a septic system install in your Kent area property. We keep the septic system site sufficiently far from trees to prevent root invasion into the drain field.

You can also trust us for:

  • Fast completion of septic system installation
  • Affordable septic installs costs
  • Jobsite clean up after septic system install

Wondering, ‘Which is the best company for septic installs near me in the Kent area?’ Here is the answer – HSCC1 & Services Inc.! Call (253) 220-6868