Drain Field Septic Repair Kent


The drain field is one of the main components of the septic system installed for waste management in a property not connected to the city sewers. Malfunctioning of this drain field (also referred to as leach field) can bring about septic system failure.

That is why quick action is imperative when it is time for drain field septic repair in any Kent, WA area property. At HSCC1 & Services Inc., we understand this and strive to schedule every job that comes our way for septic field repair as quickly as possible.

We also realize that drain field septic repair usually calls for extensive work and no property owner can afford to have his or her home or business inconvenienced due to recurring issues. Therefore, we see to it that all our drain field septic repair jobs in Kent are handled by technicians who are:

  • Very knowledgeable, skilled and experienced
  • Dedicated to protecting your investment
  • Focused on doing careful, correct work

Septic Drain Field Repair Kent


We have worked hard to establish ourselves as one of the most trusted septic companies serving this community. The services offered by us for septic drain field repair in Kent area homes and commercial locations are second to none.

The objective with which we work on septic field repair jobs is to help our customers have their septic systems running at peak efficiency and make sure that they get optimal returns from their investment. Our specialized septic drain field repair is aimed at:

  • Restoring the field to normalcy in no time
  • Maximizing septic system reliability and lifespan
  • Minimizing the chances of future leach field failure

We ensure lasting septic drain field repair solutions, irrespective of the problem.

Septic Field Repair Kent


There are many causes of drain field failure. Biomat formation, natural aging of components, tree-root intrusion and substantial vehicle movement in the yard above the field are some reasons why you could need septic field repair in your Kent area property.

We are the go-to experts for drain field septic repair in all situations. Our family-owned company offers septic field repair services that excel in both quality and customer service.

We make every first-time customer for drain field septic repair services into a lifelong patron. This happens through our:

  • Courteous behavior
  • Quick, yet error-free septic field repair
  • Affordable septic drain field repair cost

Wondering which is the best place to call for septic drain field repair near me in the Kent area? It is HSCC1 & Services Inc. Call (253) 220-6868 now!