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Contact your Septic Repair Expert at 253-220-6868.


HSCC1 & Services Inc.

P.O. Box 687,
Sumner Wa. 98390
T: 253.220.6868

F: 253 277-3651

E-Mail: HSCC1@comcast.net



Protecting your environment. Free estimates available on septic designs.




Septic & Sewer Services in Covington, Kent, and Maple Valley, WA




newsepticfieldDo you have these signs of a damaged septic system?


- Slow Draining Water

- Gurgling Drainpipes

- Sewage Smells

- Backed up Water in Sink or Basement

- Soggy Soil above Drainpipes

- Settling Soil over Septic Tank



If you’re experiencing these or other septic system problems, call the Septic Repair Experts at HSCC1 & Services.



Septic and Sewer Services in Kent

drainfield- 24 Hour Emergency Repair Service

- Septic and Sewer Repairs

- New Septic System Installs

- Line Jetting

- Residential Septic Services

- Commercial Septic Services



The plumbing system to your home or business is apart of your septic system.

A damaged septic system can wreak havoc on your family and customers.


- Backed Up Toilets and Urinals

- Spread of Disease

- Contaminate Water Sources

- Reduced Property Value

- Work Stoppage


Septic System Repairs in Maple Valley, WA


finishedsepticfieldDamage to any part of your septic system can result in disaster. Our Septic Repair Experts will immediately restore it to proper working order.


- Septic Tanks

- Distribution Boxes

- Observation Pipes

- Perforated Pipes

- Vent Pipes

- Access Covers

- Inlets and Outlets


Sewer Line Repairs in Covington, WA


replacesepticDamaged sewer lines can cause major health risks if left unrepaired.


- Holes Allowing Rats to Nest

- E-Coli Contamination

- Foul Water from Algae Buildup

- Leftover Toilet and Sink Waste


We can fix any damage to your sewer lines.


- Branch Lateral and Curb Line Connections

- All Types of Sewer Line Pipes

- Leaks Due to Wear and Tear

- Cracks and Holes from Intruding Tree Roots

- Pipe Blockage from Debris

- Backwater Valves



Don’t put off getting your septic system repaired or newly installed.

We offer free estimates and quality septic system service.



Contact your Septic Repair Expert at 253-220-6868.


HSCC1 & Services

P.O. Box 687,
Sumner Wa. 98390
T: 253-220-6868

F: 253 277-3651

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Protecting your environment. Free estimates available on septic designs.