Septic Inspections Edgewood


Regular septic systems inspections are necessary for homes and commercial properties that are attached to a septic system. An inspection helps ascertain when the tank must be pumped, and it can help avoid significant septic problems.

Give a call to HSCC1 & Services Inc. to get septic inspections in the Edgewood, WA area. We are an established company offering advanced septic inspections for Edgewood residents enabling them to avoid several problems connected with a septic system that has not been pumped for a long time. Some of the issues that are discovered with regular septic inspections and cleaning are:

  • Waterborne illnesses
  • Sewage backup
  • Leaks and water pooling

Trust our skilled and trained technicians to conduct the septic system inspection using the best and appropriate resources. They are thoroughly knowledgeable about noting the signs of septic tank troubles and providing relevant solutions.

Septic System Inspection Edgewood


Regular septic system inspection is essential to maintain the sanitary and hygienic conditions in your home. The inspection will analyze the performance of the septic system and tell you whether it needs pumping or not.

Rely on us to provide septic system inspection around Edgewood as we are efficient in the job. We recommend you have timely septic system inspections to get the following benefits:

  • Early detection of problems, if any
  • No issues of sewage backups
  • Free-flowing drains

Get an estimate of the cost of septic inspections from us and schedule the services at a convenient time. We will send in our best technicians fully equipped with the best equipment to conduct the inspection. We normally include a camera inspection as it gives the real picture of what is going inside the septic system.

Septic Systems Inspections Edgewood


Trusting just about any company for septic systems inspections is not recommended. A company must have the right equipment and experience to perform the required inspections. Research and take reviews from neighbors and acquaintances that have recently got septic systems inspections conducted.

Simply trust us for septic systems inspections in the Edgewood area as we successfully conduct septic inspections in many homes and commercial properties. Our septic systems inspections will help you in:

  • Managing the costs
  • Preventing tank replacement
  • Maintaining clean surroundings

We conduct the septic system inspections adhering with all local and safety codes, giving you peace of mind that in case of any problems, relevant action will be taken.

Call HSCC1 & Services Inc. at (253) 220-6868 for septic system inspection in and around Edgewood.