Septic Tank Repair Kent


Worried about seeing your toilets running slowly, drains backing up into the building, foul odor in the backyard or unexplained water pools in the yard? These are signs of something wrong with the septic system. One of the most common septic problems that tend to happen is a septic tank failure.

Before the thought of how to repair septic tank sends you in a panic, let HSCC1 & Services Inc. put your mind at ease. The wide-ranging septic work done by our company includes providing septic tank repair service throughout Kent, WA and its surrounding areas.

We can repair septic tank of any size and in any type of property. If necessary, we can also replace the tank. Our septic tank repair service is available for resolving all kinds of big and small, simple and complex issues. Here are some troubles that we can fix with our septic tank repair service in Kent properties:

  • Tanks that have lost their enzymes
  • A failed pump
  • Broken aerators or filters
  • Cracked lid or walls

Septic Tank Repair Service Kent


A malfunctioning or damaged septic tank is worrisome. It is not just the collapse of the septic system resulting in sewage backups, though this is an extremely unfortunate and challenging thing to handle. Septic tank problems can also lead to contamination of the groundwater and nearby waterways.

We offer prompt and efficient septic tank repair service for Kent area residents to reduce the hassles and hazards faced by them due to septic trouble. Our company is committed to providing lasting solutions to repair septic tank of its customers. We make sure that the technicians put on the job:

  • Are trained and experienced
  • Do their work seriously, sincerely
  • Use advanced tools and quality materials

Call our experts for plastic, fiberglass, or concrete septic tank repair service.

Repair Septic Tank Kent


Working with tight household or business budgets, people look at saving money every way they can. We understand this but do believe that opting for just any of the local septic tank repair companies that offer cheap services is not a smart move.

It is advisable to choose quality over economy when it comes to services like septic tank pump repair. It is best if you call us to repair septic tank in your Kent area property.

We repair septic tank with services that offer excellence in everything:

  • Workmanship
  • Affordability
  • Timeliness
  • Customer-friendliness

Remember HSCC1 & Services Inc. when it is time to repair septic tank in your Kent area property. Call (253) 220-6868.