Septic Tank Pumping Kent


It is essential to have septic tanks pumped at regular intervals to keep a septic system operating efficiently. On properties that are not on the city sewers and have a privately installed septic system, the waste from drains and toilets collects in the septic tank. From here, wastewater moves into the drain field, and solid waste settles in the tank.

The accumulated sludge is removed by septic tank pumping to allow continued waste flow in the system. Once every three to five years is considered the right frequency for septic tank pumping in most Kent, WA area properties. An essential thing for property owners to keep in mind is that you should hire professionals to have septic tanks pumped.

HSCC1 & Services Inc. is one of the most respected and trusted local septic tank pumping companies. We understand the role of clean tanks in the efficient running of septic systems and deliver septic tank pumping service that is:

  • Timely
  • Thorough
  • Well-managed and stress-free

Septic Tank Pump Kent


Our company offers wide-ranging septic services. This includes conducting your septic tank pump for your Kent area properties. For a septic tank pump to be completed correctly, meeting all the local codes you need to work with a professional company.

The septic tank pump is necessary for properties where effluent from the tank needs to be removed. Not having a septic tank pump done can stop the waste disposal process and lead to sewage backups.

We offer expert help to fix septic tank problems and do your septic tank pump on Kent area properties. Our technicians are experienced in working your on septic tank pump no matter the size. They perform pump repairs that:

  • Are effective
  • Stand the test of time
  • Dispose of the waste properly

Septic Tanks Pumped Kent


We are proud to be the first choice of discerning home and business owners who want their septic tanks pumped only by proven pros. Our company has invested in a highly competent workforce and powerful, state-of-the-art septic trucks.

Our company places a significant premium on quality and goes all out to get septic tanks pumped in Kent area properties with utmost:

  • Sincerity
  • Commitment and diligence
  • Professionalism

Our septic tank pumping prices are very competitive, and our services match the highest industry standards. Call to learn more about why you should call us when it is time to get septic tanks pumped.

Contact HSCC1 & Services Inc. for septic tank pumping services in the Kent area. Call (253) 220-6868.