Septic Inspections Kent


If it is time for septic system inspection in your Kent, WA area property, it is time to call HSCC1 & Services Inc. Most people’s knowledge about the septic system on their property is limited to knowing that the waste from the toilets and drains goes into a tank that is buried somewhere in the backyard.

Nobody thinks about it until the system develops a snag. Actually, there are a few other times when the septic system gets attention. These are when a septic system inspection is needed. Septic inspections in Kent properties involve assessing the condition of the system to determine its:

  • Reliability
  • Needs for repair or replacement
  • Probable remaining lifespan

While property owners can get septic systems inspections done generally to confirm the efficiency and code compliance of their system, there are some situations where septic inspections are essential. Complete septic systems inspections a must before real estate transfers. Also, mortgage companies require people to have septic inspections when refinancing their property.

Septic System Inspection Kent


Our company can carry out septic system inspection for Kent area properties to meet all purposes. We appreciate that the septic inspections are not useful if not carried out correctly. Being an ethical, service-oriented company, we carry out a diligent septic system inspection to give the customer an accurate picture of their system.

We hold all our technicians to a very high standard of service quality. Moreover, we have invested in the most modern equipment and technology to perform flawless septic system inspections. With us, you are assured of a septic system inspection report that is:

  • Honest
  • Unbiased
  • Conclusive

No follow-up is ever necessary on jobs where we make the septic systems inspections.

Septic Systems Inspections Kent


Hiring a less qualified and less experienced company to save money on septic systems inspections is one of the worst decisions you can make as a property owner. Whether you need septic system inspection done on your property or in a property that you are interested in buying, make us your first call.

We are known for performing septic systems inspections around Kent:

  • Thoroughly
  • At competitive rates
  • In a fast, hassle-free manner

If you are wondering how much do septic inspections cost, relax. We provide the cost of our services upfront to avoid confusion or unpleasantness later on.

Your search for the most reliable professionals for septic inspections near me in the Kent area ends at HSCC1 & Services Inc. Call (253) 220-6868 now!