O & M Kent


The wide-ranging jobs performed by HSCC1 & Services Inc. include performing operation and maintenance service (O & M) for Kent, WA area properties. After installing a new septic system on your property, O & M is necessary. An on-site O and M program is mandatory under the state regulations for monitoring and maintaining the working of a septic system.

The objective of this O & M program is to protect public health and wellbeing due to a septic system malfunction. The possibility of contamination of ground or drinking water and exposure to backing up, untreated sewage are serious safety hazards.

Our O & M services throughout Kent eliminate such risks for the area residents. We send out an operation & maintenance team to your property and inspect the septic system and determining its:

  • Efficiency
  • Code compliance issues
  • Maintenance needs

Operation & Maintenance Kent


Our septic company is licensed, insured and bonded to conduct operation & maintenance in the Kent area and many other communities across the state. We carry out O & M inspections in both residential and commercial properties.

We understand how crucial it is that on-site septic systems keep running correctly at all times. We also appreciate the critical role of our O and M services is in ensuring this and maintaining a hygienic environment in as well as around the properties of our customers.

With a commitment to delivering fool-proof, seamless operation & maintenance programs, we entrust these only to qualified technicians who:

  • Recognize the gravity and value of their job
  • Are genuinely concerned about customer safety
  • Take pride in doing flawless and reliable work

O and M Kent


O & M inspections must not be taken lightly. There is a good reason why only professionals who are certified by the Public Health department perform OSS operation & maintenance. Look no further than us if you want O and M in your Kent area property to be done honestly, thoroughly and correctly.

Our company provides its operations and maintenance crew with a variety of state-of-the-art tools and technologies to help them achieve perfection in their job.

Our experienced O and M technicians do a detailed job that includes:

  • Determining sludge/scum/liquid levels in the tanks
  • Inspecting the drain field
  • Verifying pump dosing and operation
  • Checking /replacing disinfection devices

Have any questions regarding operation & maintenance in your Kent area property for anew septic system? Interested in scheduling an O & M inspection? Contact HSCC1 & Services Inc. at (253) 220-6868 now!