Septic Inspections Kent


Are you looking for a contractor to conduct septic system inspection on your Kent, WA area property? Let your search end at HSCC1 & Services Inc.

Our company has been providing comprehensive septic services throughout the community since 2006. We have extensive experience in carrying out septic inspections. We can be called in to make septic systems inspections for varied purposes, including:

  • To facilitate the sale of the property
  • For detecting the cause of a septic problem that has surfaced
  • As one of the routine property maintenance tasks

Many properties that depend on a septic system also have a well. Their owners can hire us for both well water and septic inspections to ensure that their water supply, as well as waste disposal systems, are working fine.

Septic System Inspection Kent


We take pride in being a highly competent, ethical, and dependable septic company. All the jobs done by us for septic systems inspections are handled with utmost diligence and professionalism.

Our trained technicians work patiently and perform comprehensive septic inspections. They neglect nothing while making a septic system inspection, making sure to:

  • Inspect all components, mechanical and electrical
  • Check the baffles and filters
  • Identify issues that need repair
  • Measure scum and sludge levels

Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured to conduct septic system inspection throughout the Kent area. Bringing in our technicians for septic systems inspections in your property is an assurance that the job will be done to match the highest industry standards.

Entrust only us with your septic system inspection needs if you want your waste disposal system to keep working efficiently.

Septic Systems Inspections Kent


Are you wondering, ‘How much do septic inspections cost?’ Ask us for a free estimate. We believe in upfront, affordable pricing and do not have hidden costs that result in an unpleasant surprise for our customers after septic systems inspections are over.

Meanwhile, hiring us for septic systems inspections assures Kent area residents of optimal value for their money. On all our septic system inspections, we:

  • Use cutting-edge tools and technologies
  • Strive for minimal yard damage on the site
  • Deliver honest, unbiased reports

You too can maintain a clean, efficient home or business place by allowing us to fulfill all requirements for septic inspections in your Kent property.

HSCC1 & Services Inc. is the expert to hire for septic inspections in the Kent area. Call (253) 220-6868 now to schedule a visit by our septic system inspection team to your property.