Septic Tank Installation Kent


You must have drain fields and septic tanks installed in Kent, WA area properties if they do not have access to the municipal sewer system. As a critical part of the septic system, the tank must be installed underground in the most appropriate area of the yard, following all local codes and regulations.

The purpose of a septic tank is to receive and hold the waste that comes out through the sewer lines from the house. Simultaneously it allows the wastewater into the drain field for percolation into the ground while the solid waste settles down in the tank.

At HSCC1 & Services Inc., we offer new septic tank installation services for Kent area properties to complete their septic system installs. We also install septic tanks in homes and commercial locations when a replacement tank is needed. No matter why you are considering a new septic tank installation in your property, hire us for a job that is:

  • Done right the first time
  • Performed with a top-grade product
  • Code-compliant

New Septic Tank Installation Kent


Handling various installations, repairs and replacements around your property inspire a feeling of great pride, accomplishment, and satisfaction as you complete the projects.

We do love people who are enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers, but we also believe new septic tank installation to be something that is best handled by experienced technicians like ours who are:

  • Are duly certified for the job
  • Have in-depth knowledge of septic systems
  • Can be trusted for a seamless job

A new septic tank installation in your Kent area home or business place calls for significant financial commitment. It also has a substantial impact on hygiene and efficiency of the property.

Septic Tanks Installed Kent


A lot of specialized skills and tools are required to have septic tanks installed in Kent area properties. The project also involves a great deal of paperwork that is to be filled out correctly and filed with the state and local authorities.

That is why you must avoid not only DIY work but also steer clear of the amateur or ill-equipped new septic tank installation contractors. Have septic tanks installed professionally when you work with us. We have septic tanks installed:

  • By proven pros
  • Giving sharp attention to details
  • As though it is our own home
  • With services that match the best quality standards

Call us today and learn more about the septic tank installation services we offer.

For any questions, including an estimate of the new septic tank installation cost, Kent area residents should get in touch with HSCC1 & Services Inc. We are available at (253) 220-6868.