Septic Tank Pumping Covington

HSCC1 & Services is a septic tank pump repair & maintenance company that has been serving the septic tank needs of the residential and commercial community of Covington, WA, since 2006.

Our trucks run to ensure that your septic tank system keeps functioning effectively.

We employ only skilled, fully trained, state-certified, and licensed septic technicians.

They are expertly trained to diagnosing your septic pump system problems accurately and solve all tank pumping problems efficiently.

With HSCC1 & Services, you can be rest assured that you and your family will never have to face the problems of malfunctioning septic system.

We are customer-friendly and guarantee to get your septic system working properly in an efficient amount of time at an affordable price

Septic & Tank Pumping Services in Maple Valley, Kent, and Renton


The septic system is a small-scale system for sewage treatment, used in regions with no connectivity to the main municipal sewage pipes.

Pumping the septic tank is essential for maintaining the septic and drain-field systems.

If you have a damaged septic tank pump, then you are likely to face sloping draining water, sewage smells, gurgling drainpipes, backed-up water in basement and sinks, settling soil over tank pump, and soggy soil above drainpipes.

Ignoring the indications can lead to much larger and costly problems.

Neglected septic and sewer systems usually result in expensive repairs or replacements.

Routine maintenance of your septic pumping system and elimination of accumulated sludge and solids will assure its continued efficiency.

Hire HSCC1 & Services for ensuring efficient functioning of your septic tank and pumps in Covington, WA.

  • Septic Tank Cleaning
  • Pumping Septic Tank
  • Septic System Replacement
  • Septic Tank Maintenance
  • Septic Lift Station Installation
  • Septic Pump Repair and Replacement

HSCC1 & Services in Covington, Maple Valley, Kent, and Renton, WA

For septic tank pumping repair and maintenance needs in Covington, WA, look no further than HSCC1 & Services.

We employ knowledgeable professionals who are experts in cleaning and repairing your septic pumping systems.

  • Free estimates and reasonable prices
  • High quality and timely services
  • Employ advanced and cutting edge technology
  • Remote drip system monitoring
  • Bonded, insured, and licensed
  • Family owned and locally operated
  • Guaranteed durability of septic tank pumping
  • Use environmental-friendly procedures and tools

Contact HSCC1 & Services today for prompt solutions to all your septic tank and septic pump problems.