Septic System Covington

Since 2006, HSCC1 & Services has been providing the city of Covington, WA with quality workmanship and impeccable services for all their septic systems and septic tank repair needs.

We are a family-owned and locally operated company that is licensed, bonded, and insured throughout the state of Washington.

HSCC1 & Services takes great pride in looking after our clients' septic tank needs with sincerity and expertise.

We specialize in detecting minor problems of the septic tank system before they worsen and develop into serious problems requiring costly repairs.

We offer free estimates for septic tank and sewer repair needs, and also undertake routine inspections of the septic systems.

Septic Tank Repair Service in Maple Valley


Septic tank preservation & repair means that the sludge that is accumulated at the base of the septic tank should be cleaned out properly.

A normal, regularly used septic tank must be cleaned every 3 years.

If you have installed a garbage disposal, then your septic tank system must be cleaned every year.

The warning signs of septic system failure are plumbing back-ups, sluggish drains, mushy grounds, gurgling sounds in drains and pipes, and sewage odor.

If you experience any of these symptoms, then there is a possibility that you need septic tank repair immediately.

HSCC1 & Services are the trusted septic system repair experts in Maple Valley, WA.

  • Septic and Sewer Repairs
  • Line Jetting
  • New Septic System Installations
  • Residential/Commercial Septic Tank System Services
  • Repair of Septic Systems
  • Removing Debris from Blocked Pipes
  • Fixing Back Water Valves

Septic Services in Kent, WA

HSCC1 & Services has been serving its residential and commercial customers in Kent, WA with integrity and competence since 2006.

Our skill and commitment have made us the first choice for septic tank repair services.

  • Professional services
  • Timely services at unbeatable prices
  • No hidden charges
  • Professional, certified, and licensed septic tank system cleaners
  • Experienced in septic tank repair services
  • Provide computer-managed repairs and maintenance
  • Provide a variety of septic systems repairs and installation services
  • Believe in long term relationship with our clients

Call HSCC1 & Services today for help in meeting your sanitation and septic system repair needs!