Septic Tank Pumping Auburn


Properties not connected to the city sewers must have on-site septic systems installed to ensure proper waste management. The septic tank is a key component of the system. The tanks keep collecting solid waste over time and eventually get filled. It is necessary to get septic tanks pumped and emptied periodically to ensure the continued working of the septic system.

This is one of the jobs that HSCC1 & Services Inc. can handle. We are the leading source for septic tank pumping service in the Auburn, WA area. Property owners are advised to call us to get their septic tanks pumped every 3-5 years. The exact interval for septic tank pumping in a particular home or commercial location would depend upon certain factors, such as:

  • Size of property
  • Number of people using the plumbing system there
  • The capacity of the tank
  • Average water usage on the place

Call us to schedule a septic tank pumping in your Auburn property to keep sewage backups at bay.

Septic Tank Pump Auburn


Being a full-service septic company, we are also adept at making septic tank pump repairs. Properties that have the drain field laid out on a higher level than the septic tank encounter problem in the movement of effluent from the tank to the percolation area. This is resolved by installing a septic tank pump to push the effluent ahead.

Not having a septic tank pump done professionally in your Auburn property could hamper the waste disposal process with the result that sewage starts backing up into the property. Bring in our technicians to do the septic tank pump needed.

We assure you of:

  • Prompt service
  • Effective and lasting solutions
  • Cost-effective repairs

Septic Tanks Pumped Auburn


Having their septic tanks pumped is not something that people relish. But then, they cannot take their septic system for granted. Neglecting timely septic tank pumping might one day embarrass them with backing up drains and toilets during a party at home or an important business meet at the office.

Besides getting septic tanks pumped in their Auburn area properties at recommended intervals, home and business owners should also watch out for signs of a full septic tank.

They should call us for septic tank pumping on observing:

  • Strong sewage odor in the yard
  • Standing water in the yard
  • Severely clogged drain
  • Toilet backups

Those who want their septic tanks pumped in Auburn should call HSCC1 & Services Inc. at (253) 220-6868.